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Lamu Island

Lamu Archipelago is located on Kenyan coast in Lamu county and 340 kms by road north east of Mombasa city. The island is like no other along the East African coastline with its well preserved architecture, Swahili traditions, peaceful and unspoiled by mass tourism than its sister Zanzibar island. This charming natural beauty makes Lamu town a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique history back from 14 century.

Lamu old town is made of stone buildings with impressive curved doors, narrow winding streets influenced by Persian and Arabic styles. Along its coastline is characterized with stunning dunes and endless sandy beaches with a backdrop of lantern sailing dhows.

The dwellers of this island are friendly and welcoming who like preserving their customs and traditions. A visit to Lamu is entering into another world, where heart and souls feel spoken to. In short, this place is just romantic by itself.

What to do

Most of its common and must do activities includes; exploration of old Swahili settlements, dhow sailing, beach strolls, sunset gaze at Manda island among many fascinating aquatic activities.

Lamu island is mainly accessed by air from Nairobi, Malindi or Mombasa. Getting there starts at Spiky Tours where we make all the arrangements for you from booking you flights, hotel bookings to guiding you through this idyllic place.


Where to stay

Places of accommodations in Lamu island ranges from budget to luxurious hotels. Examples of budget include; Msafini hotel, Shela and Janat house whereas luxurious includes; Manda bay lodge, Peponi hotel and Kijani house among many more.