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Mountains of the moon, Alps of Africa or commonly know as Rwenzori mountains. The word “Rwenzori” means a rainmaker in the local tribal language. The mountains are located on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Rwenzori mountains is the third highest mountain in African Continent after Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya. Mount Stanely is the highest range of the parent Rwenzori mountains and Margherita is the highest peak at 5,109m(16,762ft) among other peaks like Mt Speke 4,890m, Mt Baker 4,844m and Mt Gessi 4,715m
Rwenzori mountains are known for their unexplored ice-capped summits and snowfields, waterfalls, abundant beautiful plants and forests which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is also home to Elephants, Chimpanzees, Monkeys and many species of butterflies and bird life.
Trekking and Climbing Routes
Trekking and climbing the Rwenzori mountains is by several different routes which offers beautiful sceneries and different to do activities. We tailor-make itineraries according on your request to either tackling the main summits, nature walks or a central peak circuit for non-peak hikers. Everyday trekking time are between 6 and 9 hours. These treks are not only physically challenging but also mentally demanding and therefore requires a high level of mental strength. In the worst case, you should be prepared for daily downpours possibly even for days of fog and rain that completely soaks you, there are also quite stable weather phases.
Accessing Margherita peak is more technical due to its ice and snow capped summits and change in climatic conditions on the glaciers but you don’t need to be a super rock climber our guides will lead and assist you. We highly advise before attempting the highest peaks of Rwenzori, it is a good idea to have at least previous knowledge on some technical climbing basics like using of ice axes, crampons and rope work. Our guides are qualified in ice climbing, rescue evacuation, experienced and trained by instructors from National Outdoors Leadership school(NOLs).
For climbers, we also advise to bringing your own necessary equipment because it is very expensive to borrow locally and they might be poor or old which may not meet the proper safety standards.
When to Go
The best time to climb the Rwenzori mountains is from June through to August and from December to February. Though during any season, it is advisable that you pack reliable waterproof gear, rubber boots, a sleeping bag, gloves, a warm hat, heavy socks, and gaiters. Most of our Rwenzori safaris starts and ends in Kampala city/Entebe airport.
Climb Rwenzori mountains with Spiky Tours for a transformative mountaineering life experience.

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