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Zanzibar Holidays

Ugunja island, or as referred Zanzibar. A place of history and trade center between the earliest Swahili people and Omani Arabs. A stone town rich in Islamic influences Swahili traditions. The island is located in the Indian Ocean about 50 kms from the mainland of Tanzania. Zanzibaris an ideal beautiful place for the perfect vacation holidays and relaxation outside from the normal world.

It is rich with culture and stunning beaches with crystal clear blue waters perfect for wading. A visit to the Stone town which is located in the heart of the island is an awe inspiring World Heritage Site with incredible winding alleys with old Arabic architectures is immensely breathtaking. With help of your guide will take you through streets full of aromatic spices learning discovering differently after every turn.

Whet to Do

Zanzibar is just an island with lot of activities must do and see you can’t afford to miss like; Prison Island onced used during dark slave trades, Old fort the oldest building on this island, House of Wonders the tallest building in all of stone town, Palace Museum home of Sultan and his family, Forodhani Market for fresh local produce and food, Cultural visit to outside cafes for local Arabic brews, watching golden sunsets and aquatic sports are among many to do lists on Zanzibar.

Where to Stay

Accommodations vary from budget, standard to luxurious hotel and resorts spa. Reach us out Spiky Tours to assist you unfolding this iconic destination.